Beginning the Jolly Progressive Secondary School

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In February of this year, the Jolly Progressive Secondary School began with 18 students.  There are four full time teachers and three part-time teachers with a head teacher.  We were able to take some teen study Bibles with us to Uganda, and through a donation while we were in Uganda, we able to shop with the teachers for the new text books and resources.

Two happy secondary teachers with new books and resources.

The group of secondary school students. They have formed a choir and I had the privilege of attending a number of practices. They planned to go around to different churches and groups to sing as a way to advertise the new school. I loved being part of this!











These two beautiful girls are both in secondary school attending a different school further away from the community. They have been in our child sponsorship program since very young ages. We have loved watching them grow up from a very young age.

This the combined group of JNFC sponsored secondary students from other secondary schools as well as the newly established Jolly Progressive Secondary School.


For over four years now, children have been growing up and finishing P7.  Then they would have to leave their community to walk further to other secondary schools.  The teenage years are hard because they become more vulnerable to quitting school.  The teenage pregnancy rate is quite high so keeping the students in their community with the people that they know became a priority.  We are so happy that three of the students who finished  P7 have now been enrolled in the local vocational school to learn a trade.