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sponsor a child

You can bring positive change to a child’s life for as little as $40 a month, or a one time gift of your choice.

Why sponsor a child through the Jolly Nyeko Foundation Canada? 

There are an estimated 2.5 million orphans in Uganda, and most live in poverty stricken communities. JNFC’s support is focused in Masulita, a rural area that was hit hard during the “Bush War” and by the AIDS epidemic. We provide support through our partnership with Action For Children (AFC) an indigenous Ugandan NGO dedicated to the protection, rescue and promotion of children’s rights and welfare. Our sponsorship program is centered on the child and their family.  Working with the leaders in the community, AFC locates the children that most need support using the following criteria:

  • Children that are orphaned
  • Children in families living in very poor conditions
  • Child-headed families
  • Children living with sick parents
  • Children living with HIV/AIDS
  • Children with no hope

How does our sponsorship program help?

Our program is built upon the premise that when we improve the situation for the child, the family and community all benefit.  Sponsorship helps to keep children in loving and caring families, and in school providing them with an opportunity to grow and have a purposeful future. The program helps children by providing basic life necessities such as food, education, medical care, shelter and clothing.  In addition Sponsorship helps strengthen the capacity of caregivers (parents or guardians) to look after their children.

Where does the money go that you donate?

We are often asked how we spend the money that we receive for sponsorship, and we appreciate that it is important for our sponsors to understand the process.  95% of all sponsorship money we collect is forwarded to AFC in Uganda and used by them to pay for school fees, scholastic materials, food, medical supplies, and support for the AFC social workers.

JNFC in Canada is a 100% volunteer organization, and as a result JNFC does not pay any salaries or travel costs for our volunteers.  Our actual costs in Canada are minimal amounting to 5% or less of our revenue.

How the process works

Once you decide that you would like to sponsor a child please email us.

When you sign up for sponsorship, we will send you a photo and bi-annual update reports on your child’s progress. You will be able to see how your love and support are helping to make a brighter future for a child in Uganda.

When we travel to Uganda, we visit Action For Children and invite all of our sponsors to send letters to the children they support.  We have hand delivered many letters to sponsored children over the years.


The Jolly Nyeko Foundation Canada is project based. We plan and manage projects and programs in both Canada and Uganda that benefit the children in Uganda that are the clients of Action For Children.

JNFC was founded upon the notion of partnership, connecting Canadians with Ugandans to invest in the future of children and families. By sharing our gifts and providing financial support to grassroots community development projects we seek to build strong infrastructures and supportive social networks.

It is through the gifts and investments of individuals like yourselves that allows the Foundation to support Action For Children which “Bring Hope, Joy and Comfort to the Hurting.”

Ways to donate

You can make a donation securely by credit card through

Alternatively, you can write a cheque payable to The Jolly Nyeko Foundation Canada and mail it to:

Jolly Nyeko Foundation Canada
3911 Hobbs Street
Victoria, BC V8N 4C8

Any gift of any size makes a difference. Whether you give a one time donation or would like to consider a monthly investment, your partnership will impact not only individuals, but families, and communities. JNFC is a registered Canadian charity. Receipts for tax purposes will be issued for all donations over $10.00

We also hold fundraisers throughout the year and would love to have your support. Keep an eye on our news page where we will keep you updated on activities and events.


To help families and children become self-sufficient, we started a project to supply students at the school with livestock (chickens, piglets, or goats). These animals not only become a source of food, but also provide income generating opportunities to the students and their families through the breeding and the sale of offspring or, in the case of chickens, the sale of eggs. As well, the children are taught how to take care of these animals, providing them with valuable life skills

The price for the livestock is very reasonable with chickens at $8.50, piglets at $25, and goats $60.

If you would like to support the children in this way, please download our Wish List Catalogue and make a donation.


JNFC is based in Canada and we are focused on bringing awareness of the work of Action For Children to Canadians and raising funds to support our sponsorship program and the projects we undertake.  We have done this through public events, education sessions, and word of mouth.  None of this can be done without people to help plan, host, execute or support these different activities.  If you’d like to help, we would love for you to Contact Us.