March/April 2019 – Solar Powered Well Is a Gift from God

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Geoff, Leanne and Jill spent time in Uganda earlier this year, and we were thrilled to see the new solar powered well (bore hole) pumping water into the elevated water tanks at the school.  The actual well and solar power electronics are housed in a building with solar power panels on the top.  The water flows through water pipes to two different locations with taps to turn on or turn off the water.  It is always “free flowing” and as Jolly says, “it is a gift from God” to have clean flowing water.

Solar Powered Pump House

This has simplified life tremendously for the staff who work in the kitchen preparing meals, and doing the clean up, as well as for the boarding students who must wash their own clothes.  They no longer have to haul water in gerri cans for long distances, and can wash their hands easily whenever needed.

Elevated water tank with taps below


Children using free running water.

THANK YOU to the donor of this tremendous gift of life for the entire school.