In 2010, JNFC received a $2,000 donation from one our supporters toward the building of a new house for a family in need that lived near the school. 

The original house prior to 2012:

We did some research, and found that the house could be built for about $4,000 if the community and family contributed some of the labour.  JNFC contributed the additional $2,000 to build the house.

The house that was built is a four room structure—a small sitting room and three bedrooms: one for the grandparents, one for the children, and one to be rented out to provide some extra income for the family.  Cooking is done outside in the “outdoor kitchen”, and there is a latrine.

Construction of the house began in late 2011:

and was completed in April 2012:

 AFC, JNFC, and the community were all on hand when the house was turned over to the family:

Shortly after moving in, the family rented out the extra bedroom to supplement the small income that they receive from their subsistence farming.  Thanks to their improved housing conditions, the children began to thrive, and you can see they are much happier.  

Before Leanne, Geoff and Jill left Uganda, there was a big celebration for this family within the community: