In June 2018 Jolly’s excited email to us started with “Miracle!  Miracle!  God’s miracle protected spring is complete!”

In 2012 JNFC received a Rotary International Global Grant to build a regulation size sports field at the school.  A swampy area was identified by the staff at the school to be the best place for the sports field.

The engineer who headed the project suggested that they put in all the drainage trenches needed to funnel the water that was bubbling up from a natural spring in the ground.  This would help keep the field drier and the plan for the future would be to build a spring protection system to provide an ongoing source of clean water.  So Geoff made an extra trip to Uganda in December of 2011, and worked with the engineer and contractor to spearhead the project.  By February 2012 the sports field project was well underway.  By the Fall of 2012 the field was complete and then the grass was planted.  All that was needed was rain.


When Leanne visited in October 2013 she was overjoyed to see the field in full use by all the students.  And if you look behind Leanne and the children on the field, the location of the protected spring is situated behind that goal post.

Earlier this year a donor who is interested in water projects funded an assessment of the project, and then the protected spring was built.

Developing the Protected Spring

Stage one:  Identifying where to dig.  First you determine the elevation and the direction that the underground spring wants to flow.  Then you dig a channel large enough to hold the water.  All debris must be removed from the pathway the water will take, and here you will see a lot of manual labour being used.

Stage Two:  Digging a channel to hold the flow of the water, and getting ready to cement the collecting wall.

Stage Three:   Build and cement the collecting wall with area to fill your containers with clean water.

The unfiltered water travels down the channel at right and collects behind the cement collecting wall to the left.  Then the water seeps through layers of earth, clay, sand, gravel and stones in the gravity fed filtration system.

Stage Four:  A pipe is connected to the spring eye (or box) where the clean filtered water comes out.  This is the area where your containers can be filled with clean free flowing water.

In the photo above, behind the Engineer you will see a fenced area with some vegetation on top.  The gravity fed filtration system is underneath and needs to be protected from wildlife, vandals and debris that would damage the filtration system.  To the right you will see Jolly Nyeko who was so excited to use the freely flowing clean water.