Visit to the Masuliita Vocational Training Centre

By July 3, 2019 No Comments

While we were in Uganda in March of this year, we made a very interesting visit to the local Masuliita Vocational Training Centre which operates through the Ministry of Education and Sports.  There are nine vocations that are taught with the classroom instruction and hands-on training in everything from plumbing to carpentry, to hair dressing, to agriculture, to welding, fashion design, electrical and a few more.  It was such a privilege to see so many students hard at work from far and wide in Uganda learning a new trade.  And it was wonderful to see many female students enrolled in plumbing and welding.

Two students that finished P7 at the Jolly Children’s Education Centre (JCEC) are currently enrolled here in the Welding and Metal Fabrication Course.  Plus another student from JCEC has completed the program and is now in an internship position.  It’s rewarding to see the children growing up into young men and women learning a trade.  We look forward to seeing what these young men will do.

One student in an apprenticeship.


Another student practicing at school

Jill has sponsored this young man for many years and watched him go on to learn the vocation of welding

Another student began this year and is in the classroom pictured with Geoff and Jolly