Visiting the Local Chapati Business

By July 5, 2019 No Comments

Last year while visiting one of the sponsored children’s home, we noticed that behind it was a Chapati business.  This year we visited that business again to learn more of how his business became successful.  As we chatted with the owner, he told us that his business has been going for 15 years and was growing all the time.  He employed 30 staff and had a delivery service with a large box on the back of a motorcycle.  We saw how the dough was made; the three staff who were making the balls; eight stations of two people each where they rolled the balls into chapatis, and then deep fried them; and the place that they were then packaged to be sold.


The chapatis cook for 10 seconds, and they are able to produce 10,000 per day.

Of course we purchased some and they were delicious!  Jolly asked the employees “who had attended the Jolly Children’s Education Centre” and three employees put up their hands!  So that was great to see that former students now had jobs and were contributing to the community.


This visit was about seeing how we can help the teenagers in secondary school find a vocation to become self-sufficient.